= main character or one of the main characters / = secondary part / =mini-appearance

Circles in the Forest (Ruhe vor dem Sturm)

Adventure/History-Drama. Young Saul Barnard is the son of poor woodcutters in the South African forest, but has a heart for nature and befriends with one of the hunted elephants. Expelled from his family which regards him as a traitor, he has to search for work at a sawmill. Years later he finds gold and a goldrush begins, however Saul is soon forced to fight for the forest, the elephants and his great love against the arrogance of her family and lots of angry gold-hungry people.




Movie rating:

An exciting and dramatic movie with impressive pictures and important messages. Good character design. However, it could have been half an hour longer - there were some gaps in the story which could have been easily filled in this rich plot. Marvellous elephant!

Rating for Arnold:

He got the DALRO-award for his performance in this movie, and it is justified. Really touching and intense portrait of this man, who fights hard to get out of his misery only to help others. Perfect portrait of the character as described in Dalene Matthee's novel! Read the book!


End sequence

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Living to Die

Thriller. About the swamp of immorality and intrigue in Las Vegas! When Vegas Gaming Commissioner Edward Minton is blackmailed for murder he turns to ex cop Nick Carpenter for help. But when the woman Minton supposedly killed miraculously turns up alive the two realize that they are in over their heads and that Vegas is a town where no one can be trusted and everyone is for sale.




Movie rating:

Not that bad in the beginning, but soon shows incoherence and some lengths breaking up the pace with unnecessary scenes and thus gets boring. Some nakee-stuff gave the 'R' rating. Acting is rather on low level, except Arnold - but he has only two short scenes.

Rating for Arnold:

These two scenes with his character, who plays cool guy but later realizes the whole thing is a bit too big, were worth it! Fantastic facial expressions. (And yes, he wears the same leather jacket as in "Act of Piracy"!)



The Rutanga Tapes (Desert Chase / Killer Instinct / Mörderische Hitze)

Action-Thriller. An East-German factory in Africa produces material for chemical warfare. American Government agent Peterson (played by David Dukes) uncovers the machinations and sets out to stop them, while a defector has the proves of the East-German actions on video tape. Also on the run after the tape: the Libyan Assad, who takes the passengers of a bus hostage to retrieve the information of the tape.




Movie rating:

Good and exciting action with acceptable plot, but with the typical stereotypes of heroic American agent, sinister East-German machinations, a greedy African potentate and evil Arab supporters - until nearly to the end. The scenes with the boy and the bushman are good.

Rating for Arnold:

This is his first role as 'evil Arab guy'! The character he plays is faced with death himself, if he cannot fulfill his duty and this shines through the performance, even if he does not say much: a determined, stubborn man with burning anger under the surface - not a single smile. The last interaction between him and his hunter Peterson was unexpected.


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Buried Alive (The Lost Girls)

Horror. In the basement of a school for troubled teenage girls a killer is at work, who buries his victims alive. When a new young teacher arrives, she is dragged into the events deeper than expected and soon discovers, that the patients are not the only delusional and dangerous ones.




Movie rating:

Some plotholes already even before the title appears! The characters are not very convincing, especially the new teacher, who is far too easily scared for someone who wants to work with mental ill persons. The inserted disgusting scenes don't really help to develop a decent horror setting, but rather seem to be the attempt to embellish the poor story with splatter moments. Worst: cliché black cat!

Rating for Arnold:

This was a mini appearance, and every one else could have played that part. At least, he looks great in this Sheriff's uniform, and he manages the American accent quite well already.



The Finishing Touch (L.A. Ripper)

Thriller. After the murder of two women police officer Stone (played by Michael Nader) is convinced that the famous artist Mikael Gant is involved. But his superiors fear problems with the artist's lawyers, and so decide to send Stone's ex-wife Hannah undercover into the lion's den. Soon, Hannah is nearly hypnotized by the charismatic young artist and falls in love with him. Her ex-husband meanwhile tries to convict Gant. But there is another suspect on the list, and it looks as if officer Stone is just about to finish his carreer with his frustrated hunt after the wrong man.




Movie rating:

(My two favorite actors in one movie - what do I expect more?!) Not much action, more a mind game about deception and frustration. Low budget with mostly interior play, a surrealistic look in the atelier scenes and quite artistic cuts. A bit cheesy in the beginning with the scenes in the club - but excellent during the interrogations. Nearly until the end, the audience is uncertain, who the real psycho is.

Rating for Arnold:

He plays this intellectually and - seemingly - morally superior artist very calm, smooth and with a sinister erotic. A harsh contrast to the frustrated, more and more annoyed and using the "f-word" - police. Frightening and enticing performance!


The interrogation scene:

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Best quote: "I have no time for your cartoonish theatrics!" (Mikael to the police interrogating him).

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Mediahistorical paper: Anke Napp. “„Show without showing“ – Mediale Dispositive als Videoart-Performance in „The Finishing Touch“ (1992)”. Textem Onlinepublikation (2021) Online



1492: The Conquest of Paradise (Die Eroberung des Paradieses)

History. The story of Columbus' (played by Gerard Depardieu) voyage to America and his first experiences there.




Movie rating:

A compelling history adventure with great poetic pictures and wonderful soundtrack. Some clichés in the historical background. Convincing sets and touching character portrayal of the unlucky explorer Columbus. Sometimes a little more depth would not have been wrong - this was a story for two hours more.

Rating for Arnold:

Can't give any. Sadly, he had only some seconds of appearance and has not much to do.




Red Shoe Diaries II: Double Dare

Drama. Half-hour-episode movie. An advertising expertert tells in her diary, how one night, while she is working late, a man from the office building across the street catches her interest. The attraction is mutual and both of them start a dangerous erotic game in sending faxes with requests to doff one piece of clothing after another. But when they finally meet in person, the woman gets cold feet and decides in favor of her husband. However, still, the question if that already has been adultery, bothers her.




Movie rating:

Interesting handling of the theme 'adultery'. Well played out, how seducing it can get without real body contact, and how fast people are ready to live a lie. And I liked the background story with the writer who philosophizes to his dog.


Rating for Arnold:

Not much acting required for that part, as he just needs to smile, smoke his cigarette and undress. But the short displays of uneasyness before the character gives in every time, makes it believable that they are really just two business people in a new dangerous game.


Best quote: "If there was an Olympic contest for smile, this guy would win it." (The woman in her diary after first watching the object of her desire)



Hard Target (Harte Ziele)

Actionthriller. A young woman is on the search for her father in New Orleans, discovers that he lived amongst the homeless and was murdered the night before her arrival. Together with the ex-soldier Chance Boudreaux (played by Jean-Claude van Damme) she finds out that there is a very special hunting party out for human prey: an organization offers bored millionaires the opportunity to hunt down homeless ex-soldiers just for fun. But now that Chance is on the list, the 'prey' turns against the hunters.




Movie rating:

In its genre, acceptable realisation with even a sociocritical touch. Echoes of classical Western, especially in the posing of Van Damme as lonely hero. A giant waste of ammo, though, haha. Van Damme is posing a bit too much, as well - but if the script told him to...

Rating for Arnold:

Pik van Cleaf is really a villain; cold blooded, sadistic killer. The portrayal of the character with this evil, happy smile while he prepares for is murderous actions is very good, that good, that you cannot help but feel sorry (a bit) for him in the end.


My little tribute:


Best quote: "I don't get angry. I'm a professional" (Pik to his partner after their 'prey' is elusive so far and they prepare for the final assault).

Customized actionfigure made by Sareth on the base of GI Joe's "Zartan"


My fanfictions:

"How everything started" (prequel),

"Hunter's Honor" (sequel),

"Bloodline" (sequel)



Darkman II: The Return of Durant (Durants Rückkehr)

Action/Crime. (After the Darkman-Comics) - "Darkman's" old enemy Durant is back and tries to get on top of the organized crime with the help of a new weapon's creation. In order to provide himself with the necessary industrial facilities, Durant lets kill the scientist David Brinkman, a recently won friend of "Darkman" and who was on the breakthrough with his researches for synthetic skin. After this, "Darkman" tries to take final revenge on Durant and to rescue Brinkman's sister Laurie, who was kidnapped by Durant's men. Again, "Darkman" uses different artificial skins to impose as members of Durant's gang and infiltrate it.




Movie rating:

The illogical premise (a change of a face can change someone into the complete other person, matching height and voice) aside - it is sci-fi, after all, acceptable entertainment.

Rating for Arnold:

Very good performance, you can easily follow what this character is going through - from hope to despair and sadness in the end.

Best quote: "I'm a concerned citizen" (Darkman before attacking the bad guys).


Making of



Darkman III: Die, Darkman, Die (Das Experiment)

Action/Crime. A physician tracks down Darkman in his hiding place in the subway tunnels and offers him help. But the medical procedure privided by her proves to be a trick to capture him for studies in the developing of a new super drug. However, Darkman escapes and tries to get the precious skin samples and his research disk back from the crime boss. But worries about the wife and little daughter of this gangster come into the way of revenge, and Darkman decides to help them even if it costs his own future.



Movie rating:

Actually better than part II! Exciting, evil, romantic and sad, with some unforeseable twists. Good entertainment, which holds you in front of your tube!

Rating for Arnold:

Sadly, he has not so much screen time with his own face as in the last part. It stayed convincing enough, so I give a little 'shivering' third star.

My fanfiction "On the Edge of Darkness" (sequel)



Zeus and Roxanne

Family/Adventure/Comedy. The dog Zeus befriends to a dolphin named Roxanne, and the respective 'owners' of the two are on the way to become a family, while Claude Carver wants the dolphin for his research lab to get new funding.




Movie rating:

This is a nice family movie. Plot is not that deep - but remember, it is for children! Very cute scenes with this little dog, a little bit of funny romance between the parents of three (all too) smart children. Some implausabilities, like Marybeth opening the hatch of her submarine...

Rating for Arnold:

Well, this character was a rather simplistic bad guy type, fitting to the genre. Sometimes Arnold felt a bit out of place there, but maybe because we're so used to have him as a sinister brooding killer type.

Best quote: "So much for interspecies communication, haha" (Dr. Carver after seeing Zeus is gone).


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Rough Draft / Diary of a Serial Killer (Pakt mit dem Bösen / Tod aus Erster Hand)

  • USA 1998
  • Director: Joshua Wallace
  • Script: Jennifer Badham
  • Goldbar International
  • Played Role: Stephan MUST WATCH!

Official Trailer

Thriller. Reporter Nelson Keece is on search for a new smashing story inside the transvestite-scene. As he witnesses a murder in the street, he records it on audio tape. As Keece is confronted with the killer, he decides to accept the man's offer and to write his next story about him. A dangerous relationsship begins, as Keece realizes in what he is involved. Moreover, the police is on his tail instead of the real killer's, and his girlfriend is next on the list.




My little tribute:

Movie rating:

An unusual crime-movie, because we know the killer from the beginning. It is more about obsessions, and every one of the main characters has one, which puts them in danger. Better than expected, good athmospheric capture and character setting. Some scenes leave much to think about the unsaid. Disturbing end.

Rating for Arnold:

Excellent portrait of this crazy killer Stephan, who goes to his 'work' with all his charming, nearly boyish innocence - and shows his dark side only when it is already too late for the victim; and without any understanding why someone can be repelled from his actions.

Best quote: "Look down on me and you will see a fool, look up to me and you will see a god. Look me straight into the eyes and you will see yourself" (Stephan to Nelson during his interview)

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Progeny (Höllenbrut / Willkommen in der Hölle)

  • USA 1998
  • Director: Brian Yuzna
  • Script: Stuart Gordon & Aubrey Solomon
  • Progeny Films
  • Role: Dr. Craig Burton

Sci-Fi/Horror. The wife of Dr. Burton discovers she is pregnant - but something is wrong with the baby and the parents have nightmares and weird experiences. After seeing a documentary about Alien abductions, Dr. Burton is more and more convinced his wife was abducted and the child is the result of Alien testing. He seeks help from the Alien expert Dr. Clavell, while a concerned psychologist suspects he is going crazy and drags his wife along in his madness. As the baby develops more dangerous influence over his mother, Dr. Burton decides to take extreme measures to rescue his wife.




Movie rating:

Alien-abduction-horror in a long tradition, nonetheless exciting and convincingly filmed. The effects are a little weak. Perhaps a little too bloody on some occasions.

Rating for Arnold:

This is a touching and disturbing performance - leaving the spectator in doubt about the status of mind of this person quite a while. But then, the growing concern of the character for his beloved wife and his desperation in the end is really well portrayed.


Interview with Arnold



The Mummy (Die Mumie)

  • USA 1999
  • Director: Stephen Sommers
  • Script: Stephen Sommers & Lloyd Fonvielle
  • Universal
  • Role: High priest Imhotep MUST WATCH!

Official trailer

Adventure/Fantasy. In Ancient Egypt High priest Imhotep is tortured to death and cursed for his love to Pharaoh's mistress Ancksunamun and for killing the Pharao. 3000 years later a team of careless and greedy adventurers from America and England find the resting place of this dangerous undead creature and triggers the curse. Imhotep awakes and tries to raise Ancksunamun the same. The adventurer Rick O'Connel and the librarian Evelyn Carnahan are out to stop him, together with the old secret guard of the Medjai.




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Movie rating:

Entertainment at it's best with action, humour and a little bit of horror, tragedy and love. Nice nostalgic sets and awsome special effects. (One thing I have to rant on, though: the pyramids in Thebes? o-o)

Rating for Arnold:

He plays the undead Imhotep with so much credibility, grace and force, he steals the show from the 'good hero' easily and wins enough sympathy.

Best quote: "Death is only the beginning" (The dying Imhotep to Evelyn).

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Original Concept of the Script (attention, there are some details which did not make it to the actual movie!)

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